Resource Churches with Ric Thorpe (english)

In this episode, Jonathan Berschauer and Marcel Fischer talk to the Anglican Bishop Ric Thorpe. Ric Thorpe is the Bishop of Islington in the Church of England and is responsible for church planting. With his experience as director of the Gregory Centre for Church Multiplication, among others, he published the book „Resource Churches“ in 2021, in which he presents the model of „resource churches“. The book not only presents the background of „Resource Churches“, but also gives practical examples. In a joint discussion, Ric Thorpe also reports on personal experiences from church planting and dealing with difficulties.

Further reading

  • Ric Thorpe: Resource Churches: A story of church planting and revitalisation across the nation. Self-published, 2021, ISBN 978-1838474300.
  • SDF Learning Summary – New Resource Churches (a short summary of the Church of England’s Strategic Development Funding with empirical research on Resource Churches)

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